Ripper Seeds - Black Valley Feminised Photoperiod (1 pack)

Ripper Seeds - Black Valley Feminised Photoperiod (1 pack)

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From the fertile mountain ranges of the Himalayas, this train collision will take you to the depths of the KUSH valleys. It is a cross between two very stable indica.

Our DOUBLE GLOCK variety has pollinated our selection of vanilla-flavored Kush with which we have achieved a real treat for lovers of Kush and the best hash in the world.
Its effect is relaxing, physical, powerful and very durable with great therapeutic value for its instantaneous effectiveness. Its two 100% Indica strains make it necessary a stage of greater vegetative and higher amounts of nutrients to give rise to the formation of its large and tight buds with intense Afghan aromas.


Breeder: Ripper Seeds

Ratio: 5% Sativa / 95% Indica


Sex - FEM

Flowering type - Photo period

Potency - % ^

Size -  Large