Expert Seeds - Northern Lights Photoperiod (3 Seeds + 2 FREE)

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You already know the name Northern Lights. In the words of Expert Seeds, Northern Lights has revolutionized the cannabis industry among other strains. Based on Californian Genetics, it was originally a stable sativa and Afghan hybrid developed as an indoor strain. Arriving in Holland as a clone, this clone was unable to be used produce stable seeds, and was then crossed with Skunk #1 and the Original Haze to produce seeds and mothering plants. Sweet and satisfying, Northern Lights will let you bask in the comfort of its arms...




Breeder: Expert Seeds

Lineage: Afghan, Haze, Skunk No1

Sex - Feminised

Flowering type - Photo period

Potency - 19% ^

Size -  Large

Flowering time - 60 Days