Expert Seeds - New York Diesel Auto flowering (1 pack)

Expert Seeds - New York Diesel Auto flowering (1 pack)

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Expert Seeds creation New York Diesel Auto flowering is a golden strain in the golden age of marijuana. Fruity and citrusy, notes of lime and grapefruit will please your taste buds and satisfy any cannabis smoker with a joyful cerebral high, which tapers off into a relaxing, calm body effect. A very powerful high is very much expect from a strain containing 20%b THC, and we hope you'll welcome it because we know you won't regret it!


Reported Medical Benefits: Improves Appetite,  Relieves Pain,  Relieve Nausea, Depression, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Relieves stress, Increases energy.

Sex - Feminized

Type - Autoflowering

Genes - Sativa Dominant 

Genetics - NYC x ruderalis

Flowering - 8 weeks

Height - 1.2 m

THC - 20%