Dutch Passion - Think Different Autoflowering (1 seed)

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With yields of up to 300-400 grams, Dutch Passion's Think Different Auto has been fast to impress marijuana enthusiasts. This strain was bred from a unique strain of Afghan Kush named AK420. From the Ruderalis branch of the family, this sativa dominant hybrid with a THC percentage if 16-18% is all you could possibly dream of as a power strain! Let it drift you away, merrily down stoney creek... 


Parents - AK420 x Ruderalis

Breeder - Dutch Passion

Sex - FEM

Flowering type - Autoflowering

Potency - 16-18%

Smell and flavor - Sweet, Citrus, Fruity 

Effect - Euphoric cerebral high, Energetic, Uplifting.