Dutch Passion CBD Charlottes Angel packaging is depicted. This strain contains both sativa and indica properties and can be used for cannabis health care alternative or as THC supplements .

Dutch Passion - CBD Charlotte's Angel (3 pack) - Medical Cannabis

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Dutch Passion presents the beneficial medical cannabis strain, CBD Charlotte's Angel. Sativa dominant with high levels of healing CBD, and low levels of THC which is responsible for cannabis's psychoactive effects. 16% CBD will produce a strong body effect with relaxing, anti-anxiety benefits.This medical marijuana strain from crossing Dutch Charlotte, a CBD high clone, with the amazing Red Angel, a clone only Amsterdam seed variety.

If you're a cannabis lover that wants to enjoy a joint without getting stoned, this beauty is for you and is suitable for making cannabis tinctures, concentrates, extracts and oils. You get a satisfying experience with the same taste and aroma as a high-THC variety, with astonishing medicinal benefits.


Breeder - Dutch Passion

Sex - Feminised

THC - 0.07%

CBD - 16%

Size - Large

Flowering time - 11 weeks