Dutch Passion - Bubba Island Kush Photoperiod (3 seeds )

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ubba Island Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a very fast flowering time of only 7-7.5 weeks. Due to this fast life cycle most plants usually remain compact and small, which makes this strain extremely suitable for a fast SOG cultivation. When you work with only a smaller number of plants per m², it is best to pre-grow a little longer (around 5-8 weeks depending on the number of plants per m²) in order to achieve a large yield with this variety.

Her compact growth structure with short internodes makes Bubba Island Kush a very suitable plant to grow with the SOG method. She also does well when grown naturally. Because of the strong branches and her compact structure she has no trouble standing upright, even when grown outdoors. Although she was originally developed as a cannabis strain for indoor cultivation, she can also be grown outdoors thanks to her fast flowering time.

Be careful with a lot of rain and moisture towards the end of the flowering phase. Due to the compact buds, it is recommended to place the plants under a shelter in late flowering. The colder night temperatures really create a beautiful color palette. The leaves can become very dark during the flowering phase. This variety will appeal to true Kush enthusiasts for her special appearance and tasty terpenes. During the fall/autumn, the plants often turn from dark green to red/purple eventually to dark purple or even completely black! The colder it is outside, the sooner you will see these colours.