Dutch Passion - Auto critical orange punch (3 seed)

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Auto Critical Orange Punch is just like her photoperiod parent, a very tasty cannabis variety! Her genetic background provides a citrus-dominant aroma and flavor profile. Most phenotypes smell very fruity and sweet. Citrus, orange, and sweet tangerines are the most recognisable aromas and flavors of this THC-rich autoflower. Some plants may also have earthy and piney tones, but these are usually less dominant. During inhalation she tastes mainly of citrus fruit, orange and lemon. In addition, many people experience a more earthy hash taste, which makes the overall smoking experience quite unique.


Breeder: Dutch Passion

Flowering type - Auto flowering

Potency - Medium

Smell and Taste -  fruity, citrus

Effect - Motivated, Energetic Happy, Uplifting,

Flowering time - 10-11 weeks from germination