DNA Genetics Bakers in the sorbet collection delight is depicted with big frosty buds. This strain contains both sativa and indica properties and can be used for cannabis health care alternative or as THC supplements .

DNA Genetics - Bakers Delight - Sorbet Collection (3 seeds) Fem Photoperiod

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The Cookies x Sorbet or as we like to call it the "Bakers Delight" is a powerful strain that is super easy to grow with high producing yields. Bakers Delight finishes with a cookies appearance alongside sweet sorbet aromas throughout, great for both indoors and outdoors including greenhouse environments. Just watch out for the height, as she loves to grow on the taller side. This strain is great for task completion due to its calming and focusing effects. Finishing in around 8-9 weeks, producing large dense nugs alongside her dank sweet aromas will really make the Cookies x Sorbet your ultimate "Bakers Delight".


Breeder: DNA Genetics

Lineage: Cookies x Sorbet

Sex - Feminised

Flowering type - Photo period

Potency - 22% ^

Size -  Large

Flowering time - 50 - 55 days