Blimburn Seeds - Zombie Death F*ck  (3 seeds)

Blimburn Seeds - Zombie Death F*ck (3 seeds)

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We would love to tell you more about Zombie Death Fuck, but all we can say is that it got derived from a freaky GSC pheno crossed with a half-dead OG Kush. This cross was more of an accident.

The cross of this two varieties gives life to Zombie Death Fuck, genetic mostly sativa of big potential, that is manifested in its intense punch, as well as in its sweet and fruity flavor with earthy touches.



Breeder - Blimburn Seeds 

Lineage - GSC x Half-dead kush

Sex - Feminised 

Flowering type - Photo period

Potency - 24%

Ratio - Sativa

Size - Large

Flowering time-  9 weeks