Auto Seeds Auto #1 is depicted with sticky looking buds and vibrant green leaves.  Did you know that weed is much more interesting thank you think? We recommend you find out yourself. cannabis oil , organic hemp , marijuana extracts and how to grow weed ...  check or our blog for more
Auto Seeds - Auto #1 Auto Flowering (3 seeds)

Auto Seeds - Auto #1 Auto Flowering (3 seeds)

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Auto Seeds' original Autoflower, Auto #1. A cross between Super Skunk x Siberian Ruderalis. With a very mild odor, this is the strain to grow discreetly. Auto #1 will leave your body buzzing and your mind clear, your mouth tasting of rich earth and pine.


Genes - Indica

Genetics - Super Skunk x Siberian Ruderalis

Harvest - 350g/m2

Height - 50-75 cm

THC - 15% 

Autoflowering - Yes