420 FAST BUDS - Tangie'matic (5 seeds + 5 free)

420 FAST BUDS - Tangie'matic (5 seeds + 5 free)

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 Our new revolutionary invention: Tangie'Matic, AKA Tangie Auto, Tangerine Auto, or Mandarin Auto.  We paired our next-gen autoflower genetics with this legendary European strain to create our largest plant for sale.  This monstrous growth is paired with super-potent levels of THC.  Most detected levels fell in the range between 21 to 22% THC, although in some cases, reached detected levels of 23%. CBD levels are very low.


Breeder: 420FastBuds

Sex - FEM

Flowering type - Autoflowering

Potency - 19% ^

Size - Large

Flowering time - 8-9 weeks from germination.