420 Fastbuds - Fastberry Auto Flowering Feminised (5 pack)

420 Fastbuds - Fastberry Auto Flowering Feminised (5 pack)

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Our Fastberry strain is one of our most treasured strains of the original Blueberry lines. Feminized and autoflowering, Fast Buds take on a Blueberry Auto will delight lovers of fruity-flavored marijuana. It’s a sativa-indica hybrid developed from an old-school American Blueberry lineage. The result is a small, robust plant with heavy compact flowers that express indica traits and effects predominantly. These Fastberry seeds are an alternative summer crop intended for lovers of Blueberry located in northern latitudes


Breeder: 420FastBuds

Sex - Feminised

Flowering type - Auto flowering

Potency - 20%

Genes - Mostly Indica

Size - 70-100 cm

Harvest - XL

Flowering time - 8 weeks from germination. 



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