Kera Seeds - Bubblegum (3 pack)

Kera Seeds - Bubblegum (3 pack)

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Among smokers Bubblegum is known for the unique, juicy flavors and her powerful, euphoric highs. Although she is praised for her Sativa quality also caused Bubblegum a strong body stone. The mix of a flying high Bubblegum makes the perfect kind for an all round entertainment – great for sharing with friends or to keep something for yourself for a rainy day. From a medical perspective is Bubblegum been known to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. She is very powerful and can easily stun those who need emotional and physical relief.


Breeder: Kera Seeds

Sex - FEM

Flowering type - Photoperiod

Potency - 19% ^

Size - medium

Flowering time - 8 - 9 weeks