Barney's Farm Peppermint Kush is depicted with huge purple tinted buds. This strain can be used for marijuana tincture , cannabis extract or other THC extracts or cannabis oil
Barney's Farm - Peppermint Kush Fem (1 seed)

Barney's Farm - Peppermint Kush Fem (1 seed)

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The seductive aroma of Peppermint Kush's parent strains, with the peppery tones of Stella blue and minty aftertaste of Nepali Kush, will lure you in and never let you go. We recommend this strain to aid those who desperately need to relax, or are needing to fight sleep disorders and muscle tension. 


Gender - Feminized 

Genes - 100% Indica

Genetics - Stella Blue x Nepali Kush

Flowering - 7-8 weeks

Harvest - 500-600g

THC - 22%