Dinafem's Blue Cheese is depicted with blue and pink tinted buds and leaves. This strain contains both sativa and indica properties and can be used for cannabis health care alternative or as THC supplements .
Blue Cheese cannabis seeds in south africa by Dinafem seeds is depicted with its beautiful purple to pink fan leaves and crystal like buds

DinaFem Seeds - Blue Cheese Feminised Photo Period (3 Seeds)

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These feminised cannabis seeds brought to us by Dinafem Seeds have an outstandingly positive reputation. Known to be easy to grow with the potential for heavy yields - but the prestige of Blue Cheese is no surprise when it's parent strains Exodus UK Cheese x Blueberry are considered. Dinafem worked overtime to achieve these amazing results, and we're grateful for it.



Breeder: DinaFem

Lineage: Exodus UK Cheese x Blueberry

Sex - Feminised

Flowering type - Photo period

Potency - 22% ^

Size -  Large

Flowering time - 50 - 55Days