Fast Buds Tangie'Matic is depicted with thick, green and orange buds with dark green praising sugar leaves. Did you know that weed is much more interesting thank you think? We recommend you find out yourself. cannabis oil , organic hemp , marijuana extracts and how to grow weed ...  check or our blog for more

420 Fastbuds - Tangie matic Auto Flowering (3 pack)

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 FastBuds revolutionary invention: Tangie' Matic, AKA Tangie Auto, Tangerine Auto flowering, or Mandarin Auto flowering.  We paired our next-gen autoflower genetics with this legendary European strain to create our largest plant for sale.  This monstrous growth is paired with super potent levels of THC.  Most detected levels fell in the range between 21 to 22% THC, although in some cases, reached detected levels of 23%, with very low CBD levels.


Breeder: 420FastBuds

Sex - FEM

Flowering type - Autoflowering

Potency - 19% ^

Size - Large

Flowering time - 8-9 weeks from germination.