Californian Snow or, Cali Snow is a marijuana strain that could be used for marijuana extracts or marijuana tincture . If you're asking, where do I buy cannabis seeds in South Africa? Sangoma Seeds, A local South African seed bank, is the place to go.

420 Fastbuds - California Snow Auto Flowering (5 seeds)

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Californian Snow is an all-American hybrid of sweet Cali Sativa and 420FastBuds auto flowering genetics. This is the weed with frozen tundra looks, even though she hails from the West Coast. Get the grow show ready for snow-capped colas, sure to send you fizzing over at this potent (and many's favorite) ganja. Being sativa dominant, she'll leave you happy & giggly, with the energy or a thousand suns...


Breeder: 420 Fastbuds

Sex - Feminised

Flowering type - Auto flowering

Potency - 19% ^

Size - Large

Flowering time - 8-9 weeks from germination