A close-up of purple lemonades dark bud is depicted with glittering trichomes
420FastBuds Purple Lemonade is depicted with awesomely dense, thick buds and bright green leaves. this stunning pink-purple strain of marijuana is available for delivery anywhere in south africa

420 Fastbuds - Purple Lemonade Autoflowering

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420FastBuds Purple Lemonade is a careful cross between purple and citrus Californian genetics crossed with Fastbuds very own Autoflowering genetics, and by their own acclaimation is their "most advanced purple genetic yet." A complicated yet well balanced high, with gentle sativa and great body stone sensations is what you can expect Purple Lemonade to provide



Breeder - 420FastBuds

Ratio - 70% indica, 30% sativa

Sex - FEM

Flowering type - Autoflowering

Potency - 21% ^

Size - Large

Flowering time - 7 weeks from germination