Southern Hemisphere Growing

Southern Hemisphere Growing

Being born and bred in the Southern Hemisphere (South Africa), southern hemisphere growing climates are all i've known. 

This being said, the Southern Hemisphere spans a large area, and as you'd think, these areas differ greatly from sunlight hours (length of the day), to rainfall patterns. These differences will influence when, how and what you plant greatly. Here's a breakdown of the whats,whens and hows per latitudinal area:

Equator (0 degrees)

At the equator we typically see year round growing. This is due to little to no variation in the 12/12 photoperiod (light hours) allowing for the plants to flower at maturity instead of light deprivation. 

With no risk of frost in low-altitude areas, the only worry is large rainfall during flowering periods. This has sparked an influx in all-weather-guard grow tunnels to be incorporated into the growers infrastructure considerations. 

Strain selection isn't much of a hindrance when growing in this intertropical zone (area between the tropic of capricorn and cancer). Indica dominant strains prefer cooler, Northern hempisphere growing (not to say that they won't prosper). 

Sativa dominance is a winning formula for large yields in this zone. Choose something with a Mexican / Southern African backbone to get the best results. (some links below)

South of the equator (up to 33 degrees)

Moving more south we tend to see two (2) growing seasons per year, one main season (November to April) and one secondary (April to August / early September). Larger yields can be expected in the main growing season as the intensity and duration of the photoperiod flowering hours are much higher than at mid year.

The risk of frost is moderately higher, especially in high altitude areas. Due to this, we tend to see outdoor growing during the main season, and geothermal greenhouse growing during the second season. Expect moderate rainfall full of nitrates from the month of October through to December. 

Strain type selection is based greatly on the growing season. Sativas are favored for the main growing season, and indicas in the second growing season as they flourish in cooler weather and dont respond as dramatically to diminishing daylight hours.

This area is perfect for Landrace and Hybrid strains alike. High humidity levels and temperature fluctuations are the deciding factors in strain selection. Pick something resistant to Powdery Mildew (PM) and Mites. (some links below)

Our Planting Schedule in South Africa





Plant mostly Sativa / Sativa dominant hybrids.

Plant mostly Indica / Indica dominant hybrids.


Mid October

Mid April 


Mid November

Mid May


End of Dec + 1st sign of flowering

1st sign of flowering 

List of recommended strains:


Durban Poison:

Super Lemon Haze:

La Blanca

NLX Special:

Ayahuasca Purple: