Royal Queen Seeds - Fat Banana , Strain Review

Royal Queen Seeds - Fat Banana , Strain Review

Fat banana strain review, Royal Queen Seeds

This phenotype of the hybrid "Banana OG", is a chart topping winner catching the eyes of connoisseurs worldwide for its obscene traits, 25% and greater THC potency potential and unique profiles. 

For one, this plant is a scale squisher! Outdoor growers can expect huge colas that stretch the length of an average forearm! This is attributed to its rich lineage of OG kush and Chiquita Banana. Support is a must! 

Indoor growers can expect no less than 300 grams/m2 under just 600w (HPS)! 

But what got me the most was the flavor profile! No strain is as sweet as this banana bomb, with a rich creamy Indica smoke makes it a dream to savour and perhaps a little too easy to smoke. 

The effect is relaxing and euphoric. Imagine a tropical island getaway, sipping citrus and banana cocktails on a beach type vibe. 

Definitely the epitome of Hakuna Matata 🍌