From Bud to Blunt

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From Bud to Blunt

Royal Queen Seeds - Sour Diesel

Strain Breakdown:

One of the most famous strains of all time, a real hall-of-famer, SOUR DIESEL. 

Sour Diesel comes straight from California. This powerful American strain is predominantly Sativa in its structure, growth rates and, most importantly, its high. 

Sour Diesel gives off a strong chemical, herbal and sour flavors from its diamond cut buds. It will yeild an average of 450-550 grams/m2 , with a huge 150-200% flowering stretch. 

It is a must have for any day-time pot head. 


Strain profile:

Grow area: Indoor or Outdoor

Lineage: Original Diesel (Northern lights x Shiva x Hawaiian)

Ratio: 70/30 Sativa

Gender: Feminised

Type: Photoperiod

THC: 19%+

CBD: Medium

Flowering: 9 - 11 weeks

Size: Tall, bushy

Average Height: 90 – 160 cm

Estimated Yields: 450 – 550 gr/m2

Taste: Diesel, Sour sweets, Herb

Buds: Sticky, Littered in tricomes


Environment profile:

Lighting: 1000w cob/smd mix and 1000w smd set to 55cm above the canopy.

Grow tent: 2.4m by 1.4m by 2m mylar coated grow tent from Futureponics.

Extraction: 1000 cfm in-line extraction with a 6 inch carbon filter

The growing process:

The germinated seeds should be moved into 70/30 coco to perlite mix, in a 35cm diameter pot.


Nutrient Profile:

Grow Nutrients:  FloraGro – 1.8ml/litre, FloraMicro – 1.2ml/litre, FloraBloom – 0.6ml/litre, Cal-Mag – 1gr/litre, Cal-Nitrate 1gr/litre, Silicon – 2ml/5 litres, Peroxide – 5ml/3 litres

Stir. PH to 6.6.

Flush: 2 feedings of PH 6.6 water with a dilution of 50% peroxide (diluted to 6%)

Flowering: FloraMicro – 1.6ml/litre, FloraBloom – 2.4ml/litre, Cal-Mag – 1gr/litre, Silicon – 2ml/5 litres, Peroxide – 5ml/3 litres

Stir. PH to 6.6

TIPS: Prime the coco with a half mix of calcium magnesium to assist with the shock your plant will go through during the relocation process.


Pest Prevention:

Ground dwelling: Pyrol preventative spray.

Leaf dwelling: Organicide spray.

Root dwelling: 50% Hydrogen Peroxide drenching.



Germination: Water popped for 12hrs. Placed in coco-peat, tail-down. Only feed PH 6.6 water for first 2 weeks when medium is dry.

Grow: 20/4 lighting cycle. Feed every 3rd day or when medium is dry. PH of 6.6 on water and nutrient feedings. Temperature range of 18 degrees C to 24 degrees C. Humidity range of 40% to 60%. Extraction set to 2 replacements every 60 seconds.

Flush: 48hrs lights off. Feed flush solution.

Flower: 12/12 lighting cycle. Feed every 2nd day or when medium is dry. PH of 6.6 on water and nutrient feedings. Temperature range of 16 degrees C to 22 degrees C. Humidity range of 40 to 50%. Extraction set to 4 replacements every 60 seconds.

Flush: Feed flush solution for last week of flowering. 48hrs lights off. Reduce humidity to 50%.

Harvest: Wet trim all fan leaves and large sugar leaves.  

Dry: Hang to dry in a dark room for 5 to 7 days reducing the humidity to 30% with ample air circulation.

Cure: Remove all remaining leaves. Wipe out jar with IPA, allow jar to air. Place buds in glass mason jars and store in a well-ventilated dark place. ‘Burp’ jars 3 times a day for 30 min intervals for 2 to 3 weeks.


Follow our tips and tricks to grow like the pro's!

Happy growing!

 Sour Diesel - week 3 Flowering