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  • Royal Queen Seeds - Fat Banana , Strain Review

    The effect is relaxing and euphoric. Imagine a tropical island getaway, sipping citrus and banana cocktails on a beach type vibe. 
  • Southern Hemisphere Growing

    Southern Hemisphere growing : the when's, what's, and how's

    #outdoor #southernhemisphere #southafrica #sangomaseeds

  • Growing Outdoor

    Outdoor Growing Ah, spring. Time for all growers around to think of new crops, dank buds and improving on our previous grows. As spring approaches,...
  • Synthetic V.S Organic Nutrients for Cannabis: A Breakdown

    As spring starts to peak its shining head around the corner, all growers are thinking of new crops and better ways to feed and nurture their vibrant plants, and to do so more cost effectively.
  • From Bean to Green

    OG Kush originated in Northern California, where it went on to become an extremely well-known strain, with a recognizable scent, and effects to have your mouth watering.
  • From Bud to Blunt

    One of the most famous strains of all time, a real hall-of-famer, SOUR DIESEL